“Ryan embodies a rare talent that enables him to uplift both body and soul through his classes. His teachings and quotes are always poignant and thought provoking and his gentle manner and soothing voice allow me to achieve a sense of calm by the end of the class, no matter how stressed I feel at the start. Each class is quite different so I never get bored. Ryan ensures his program is tailored to accommodate the range of participant abilities, needs and preferences. He has a flexible approach and regularly seeks feedback. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”  
“Ryan is a wonderful yoga teacher. He has a true passion for his teachings and is an excellent communicator. His classes are very inclusive and he both challenges and encourages us according to our individual needs and abilities. I have learnt a lot and developed a real love of yoga since attending Ryan’s classes.”
 "Ryan makes his yoga classes extremely enjoyable, and physically demanding, allowing for individual needs.  He covers so many aspects of yoga combined with core and general fitness, and every class is different.  His philosophy of life adds to the pleasure of participating in the classes."
“When it became apparent, that studio classes for Yoga would not be possible due to Covid-19Restrictions, Ryan agreed to set up "Zoom" classes for us, twice per week. Obviously he is obliging. He is also, friendly, interested in, and enthusiastic about Living Life Well i.e. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. He is a good teacher, imparting his skills and knowledge generously and patiently. Our "Zoom" classes have been Positive, Supportive and Most Enjoyable. I look forward to them anytime but particularly during Covid-19 Restrictions.”
“Thank you so much for introducing me to mindfulness and yoga. You have made me aware of focusing on the present moment. It has been a wonderful experience for me to feel the calm by practising mindfulness and to understand my body after all these years. I enjoy the quotations that you cited in the sessions too and sometimes they seem to be talking to me. In fact, I have shared some of them with friends. I am so fortunate to have you as my instructor and I have benefited from it on and off the mat. You have introduced yoga across different age groups at a difficult time due to the pandemic and your perseverance is so inspiring and uplifting.”
“I have been attending Ryan’s yoga classes for a year now, and the are a highlight of my week. His instruction is clear and tailored to each person’s individual needs. His mindfulness and meditation segments are insightful and bring you into the present moment.”
“I look forward to Ryan’s Yoga classes every week. He gives clear instructions and the classes are well-structured, with stretching, balancing and strengthening elements in every class. I feel good and relaxed after each practice. Ryan is an enthusiastic, compassionate, and friendly teacher, and I really enjoy practicing with him and other like-minded yogis.”