Morning Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch - No Props Yin Yoga - Great for Beginners

A great way to start the day, and no props are required. This class is great for beginners and can also be practiced any time of the day.

Vinyasa Yoga for Balance, Core Strength & Flexibility

We’ll also play with a lot of plank variations to strengthen our core. Just have fun and be kind to yourself.

Yin Yoga for Sleep & Relaxation | Beginner Friendly

This practice can be done anytime during the day for relaxation. If you’ve had a busy, stressful or hectic day, this practice will help you unwind and decompress enough to go to sleep.

Power Vinyasa Flow for Strength and Balance | Full Body Flow | 20 Minute Vinyasa Yoga

In this 20 minute Power Flow for strength + balance we play with challenging our balance and coordination as we move dynamically with the breath.

Father Son Partner Yoga | Father Son Vinyasa Yoga | Kids Yoga | Tween Yoga | Teen Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with my son

Father Son Partner Yoga | Kids Yoga | Tween Yoga | Teen Yoga

My son and I will guide through this yoga practice and have fun while doing so. Hope you will enjoy it.

Yin Yoga For Deep Hips & Hamstring Stretch | Great for Runners

This is is a delicious yin yoga practice for you if have tight hips and hamstrings. This practice is great for runner, however, you don’t have to be a runner to enjoy this class! Make sure you have some bolsters, pillows or blocks within grabbing distance and settle in to this wonderful practice.

20 Minute Energizing Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This practice will energize you and is targeted towards improving stamina, strength and flexibility while synchronising breath with movement.

Yin Yoga for a Deep Hip Stretch | Hip Opening Yoga | Upper Back Stretch

This practice will explore asanas that open up the body deeply and help improve flexibility. This sequence utilises deep hip opening yoga stretches. We will play with poses like firefly, lizard and star.

Core Yoga Strength

This core strength practice is a great way for you to supplement your yoga practice or any other workouts. Tone belly, heal pain and find stability whilst increasing strength.

Daddy Daughter Partner Yoga | Yoga for young kids | Kids yoga | Tween yoga | Teen yoga

My daughter and I will guide through this yoga practice and have fun while doing so. Hope you will enjoy it.

Self-Love Meditation - Ahimsa (Non-Violence) Towards Our Self

In this self love meditation we focus on the importance of kindness and compassion towards our self.

Yin Yoga for Upper Back Knots - Beginner Yin for Upper Body Pain

Yin Yoga can provide relief from upper back issues. I hope that this short practice will provide relief to you from tightness, tension and knots in the upper back.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Core and Glutes

This practice is to tone the core and the buttocks. With yoga we can unite all parts of the body and mind. Trim and tone while building body awareness, flexibility and stability in the spine.

Yin Yoga Without Props - Full Body Yin For Beginners

This Yin yoga practice will take you through a sequence you can do without equipment and props. And if you do have props handy, you are more than welcome to use them.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Balance

This 30-Minute Vinyasa Flow practice will help you find balance and strength. We will move through sequence of asanas and movements that will challenge your balance and engage your core.

Core Yoga Practice

This practice will help in building your core and abdominal muscle strength as well as burn calories. We will build strength and improve stability.

Yoga For Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back - Great for Beginners

In this brief session we will focus on areas that usually get stressed everyday and where we tend to carry a lot tension in our body.

10 Minute Breath Meditation for Anxiety & Stress

This breath meditation will help you connect with the present moment. By bringing awareness to the breath, we are connecting the mind and the body in the present moment.

Self Love Meditation

This self-love meditation will help you shower yourself with love. Without conditions. Without limits.

Yoga for Hips & Lower Back Release

This is a 20 minute yoga practice for hip and lower back relief. In this practice we will do deep stretches targeting the hips and lower back to help calm the body. Perfect routine after a full day’s work.

30 Minute Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Short, strong, and well rounded power vinyasa flow practice to get you energised and moving for the day. This practice will leave you feeling calm yet energized.

5 Minute Breath Meditation

This Meditation can be practiced anywhere anytime. As we bring attention to our breath for 5 minutes we can let our anxiety and stress take a backseat.

10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation on Impermanence

Change is the only constant in life. Yet it can be scary and sometimes hard to deal with whether big or small. However, letting go and recognising the impermanent nature of things can help us deal with anything. With regular practice, we can surprise ourselves on what we can manage when it comes to change.

Yoga for Lower Back and Hamstrings (great for beginners)

This is a stretchy slow, low to the ground yoga practice for the back and hamstrings. Our lower back and hamstrings can get tight when we sit too much. These days with a lot of work being done over zoom, it is important that we give a little of love to our hamstrings.

Core Balance Yoga Workout

This is a unique yoga practice. We will begin with a warm up and ramp it up with HIIT and ab work. We will also do balancing poses for better posture. Let’s get strong and flexible.

Loving Kindness Meditation for Kindness & Self-Compassion

Loving-kindness results in positive emotions and this positivity when generated inside attracts positive energy from the outside and improves our quality of life and life satisfaction.

Practising Non-Judgement Meditation (Letting Go)

In this guided meditation, we will “let go” of all those judgmental thoughts we have. We will also practice a bit of love and kindness towards our self. By learning to be non-judgmental, we invite more peace into our life. Letting go of expected outcomes helps us become more open towards beauty of life.

Full Body Flow, 20 Minute Yoga Practice, Minderly Yoga

Let’s get the juices flowing in this fun 20 minute Full Body Yoga Flow. We will give some love to every part of the body while building strength and increasing mobility.

Under 10 Minute Yoga Full Body Stretch for Stress Relief

In just under 10 minutes, this practice will help you stretch the body and relieve stress and tension. Whilst ideal for mornings, this routine can be anytime of the day.

20 Minute Core and HIIT Yoga Practice

In this practice we start by warming up with a sun salutations. We will be combining HIIT workout for the legs and upper body with some planks and abdominal work. Suitable for all levels.

30 Minute Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice

This practice will help you wind down and feel sensations in the body. We open with a meditation and finish with stretches towards the end.

20 Minute Core Yoga Workout, Beginner Friendly, No Equipment Needed

Core yoga workout combining the elements of Yoga, HIIT and floor based ab work. You will notice a difference in your core and leg strength after this workout.

20 Minute Full Body Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow

This is a 20 minute yoga video for total body vinyasa. Not for total beginners but good for anyone with a personal yoga practice. Hope you enjoy! If you are a beginner you can always pause, practice and play.

20 Core Yoga Practice (HIIT for legs)

20 minutes is all you need to improve and strengthen the core. In this session we will modify yoga poses to strengthen the core as well as the abdominals and lower back muscles. We will also do a short HIIT workout to build strength in our legs.

30 Minute Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga Practice to release stress and tension.

20 Minute Gentle Flow Yoga for COVID Lockdown

This Gentle Flow practice is ideal to nourish the body and the mind. Melbourne, Australia is in lockdown 5.0 as we speak. Practicing yoga provides us with an avenue to connect with our breath and our inner self to find the peace within.

20 Minutes Advanced Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This is an upbeat, fast-paced, fluid practice to get your heart rate up and your blow flowing. This practice is great any time of the day.

30 Minute Slow Flow Hatha Yoga

This is a slow and fluid vinyasa flow class linking your breath with your movement. We begin in a seated meditation to bring ourselves into the present moment and move through a nourishing sequence.

20 Minute Deep Core Yoga Practice

A workout yoga flow designed to target strengthening the core muscles while mobilizing the hips shoulders and upper back. It’s a perfectly well-rounded routine when you only have 20 minutes to get everything in. In this practice we all modify some yoga poses to strengthen our core.

30 Minute Slow Flow Yoga Class to relieve stress and calm the mind

This 30-minute yoga class will help you move from one posture to the next but at a steady pace giving you enough time and space to get in and out of the postures. You will feel calm after practicing.

25 Minute Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This 25 minute Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow will help you build strength, have fun and help you transform your flexibility in 25 minutes.

15 Minute yoga for runners (Pre-run stretch as well as post run recovery)

Besides yoga, I love running. I find running to be relaxing and meditative. In 2020 I ran 1,510 kilometres for the year. In this practice I share key yoga poses that I used to recover from my runs. Enjoy the practice.

30 Minute Slow Flow Practice for Relaxation, Balance and Mindfulness

We begin this practice with a meditation and few stretches. During this practice we aim to still the mind by focusing on our asanas as well as our balance. This practice will not only relax you but also enhance your balance.

30 Minute Slow Flow Yoga for Balance and Leg Strength

This is a slow and fluid practice linking breath with. We begin with a seated meditation on the importance of the present moment followed by a few stretches. We then move through a sequence incorporating the engagement of our core and focus on our balance. We finish with some stretches and Shavasana.

20 Minute Energizing Vinyasa Full Body Flow

This 20-minute Vinyasa Flow is a great way to heat up our body and energize the body and mind. This yoga practice focuses on the legs and hips as well as improving our balance.

30 Minute Core Balance Yoga (HIIT Yoga)

Unique yoga practice combined with HIIT workout for the whole body to make your core, glutes and abs stronger.

30 Minute Slow Flow Yoga Practice for relaxation, strength and balance

Relax with this practice which aims whilst improving your strength and balance.

30 Minute Slow Flow Yoga

Slow moving vinyasa class. Suitable for all levels. We will begin with a meditation and philosophy of Ahimsa which is the first limb of yoga followed by a few stretches and asanas.

30 Minute Core Balance Yoga

This class combines balance and agility postures with core exercises to make you stronger and more stable. This class incorporates elements of traditional yoga with modern exercises. Enjoy the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga while also testing the strength and endurance of the body as a whole.